Pet Of The Month

  • Ashes enjoying the sunshine


    Feb 09 2012

      The previous two months have featured hyperthyroid cats, one of whom received radioactive iodine treatment and one who had surgical treatment. This month we look at Ashes, who is…



    Jan 01 2012

    Hyperthyroidism and Renal Insufficiency Just over 2 years ago Scooby was found as a stray by the Hendricks family. He was very skinny, had a tremendous appetite but seemed to…

  • tiger1[1]


    Dec 01 2011

    17 year-old short hair Tiger is a 17 year old neutered male domestic short hair cat. His owner describes him as sensitive, bossy and definite creature of habit, reminding his…



    Nov 01 2011

    Female Husky Mix In June of this year a co-worker of Nukka’s owners found Nukka tied-up and starving while a few local kids threw rocks at her in Cape Dorset,…

  • shelby1[1]


    Oct 01 2011

    A three-year-old Great Dane with GVD September 30th, 2011 is a night that won’t soon be forgotten by Margit Bull and her 3yr old Great Dane Shelby. The evening was…

  • daisy-headhshot[1]


    Sep 01 2011

    Five kittens and nine lives! Daisy is a wonderful cat who has demonstrated to us all the strength and determination of our four legged family members, and also the persistence…

  • coco-n-louis[1]

    Coco and Louis

    Aug 01 2011

    Low Stress Handling Coco and Louis are a tribute to early, low stress handling as puppies. We routinely see the two of them for nail trims and to express their…

  • Default Image

    Duncan & Zeus

    Jul 01 2011

    Pet Weight Loss Program These two patients have been on a weight loss program and have reached their goals. Duncan The first patient, Duncan, a six year old Labradoodle, started…

  • Default Image


    Jun 01 2011

    Stem Cell Therapy Two of our young patients, Leela, a 2 year old border collie and Angus, a one year old Scottish deerhound, underwent stem cell therapy. Angus was playing…



    May 01 2011

    A 14 year old Dalmation mix In May of 2010, Maggie, a 14 year old Dalmation mix, was examined at the hospital because she had been vomiting. Dr. Nicol ordered…