Apr 01 2011


Fourteen Year Old Cat

Simba, a fourteen year old cat, was diagnosed with diabetes last March and comes in regularly for health exams and a blood panel to ensure his insulin dose is correct. When he was in for a visit in February his family noticed that he had become very sore and was having trouble moving around. Dr. Buist prescribed therapeutic laser therapy to help him feel more comfortable and mobile.

Managing arthritic pain in older cats is challenging because they do not tolerate anti inflammatory drugs that well and it is always difficult to get them to lose weight. Laser therapy is a form of light therapy that stimulates healing, resolves inflammation and gives pain relief. The laser therapy treatments involved a visit by Simba to the clinic 3 days a week for the first week, two days the second week and one day the third week. After this initial treatment schedule, he could come in as he needed to. Simba responded very well to the therapy and after the second treatment his family was able to see positive changes.

The first day after his treatment is kind of an off day for him but on the third day he is completely relaxed and at peace and seemingly pain free.

Simba is a retired certified visitation pet and when you meet him you can see why. He is incredibly affectionate and loves to interact with the staff at the hospital during his treatments.

Simba has really come to enjoy the visits to Riverside- now referred to as his “spa treatments” as he doesn’t want to go home after.

Simba has now completed his laser therapy treatments and is doing well. He has improved comfort and mobility. His family reports that, “he is a much happier boy because of his treatments.

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