Aug 01 2011

Coco and Louis

Low Stress Handling

Coco and Louis are a tribute to early, low stress handling as puppies. We routinely see the two of them for nail trims and to express their anal glands.

The anal glands in dogs can frequently become impacted, making it painful for your dog to pass feces and possibly leading to infection. As this can be extremely painful many pets will require sedation or anesthetic for the treatment. For those dogs that seem to be prone to problems with their anal glands, we routinely express them to help prevent impaction.

Not surprisingly many dogs are nervous when coming into the clinic and will struggle when restrained. It is important that our pets trust us to handle them gently and that nothing bad will happen to them.

Coco and Louis’ owners have gently handled them both so they do not fear this type of handling – all puppies should learn this – for more information

In honor of these stars, and all others like them we have recently implemented the “good dog nail trim” discount!

Congratulations to all owners who help their pets to understand our world.


LifeLearn Admin | Pet Of The Month