Sep 01 2011


Five kittens and nine lives!

Daisy is a wonderful cat who has demonstrated to us all the strength and determination of our four legged family members, and also the persistence and patience of her amazing owners. Daisy presented to us for a routine spay in April but she had symptoms of an infection of her urinary tract. A simple urinalysis revealed significant infection so it was elected to treat her, spay her a week later when she would be healthy, and let her live like a princess the rest of her days. Daisy, however, had other plans.

Shortly after being discharged from the clinic Daisy came into heat and became pregnant. The owner elected to allow her to have the kittens and she proceeded with her pregnancy in a routine manner. In early June Daisy’s owners were horrified to find her hanging by her hind leg from a truck. The owners managed to cut her free but she ran off in a blur only using three of her legs. The owners searched for her in vain and were very worried about her only to have her return of her own accord 4 days later. She was rushed into Riverside Small Animal Hospital to assess the extent of her injuries and to see how her unborn kittens were doing. Her xray revealed a compound fracture of both the tibia and fibula with multiple fragments. Fortunately an ultrasound of her abdomen revealed 5 kittens with strong and vibrant beating hearts.

It was elected to send Daisy to Dr. Mark Smith in Kelowna who specializes in orthopedic surgeries. After a careful assessment he chose to place an external fixator on the limb. This technique involves placing pins horizontally through the bone on both sides of the fracture and then joining them with a stabilizing rod. Daisy also had open wounds with her injuries which needed to be managed with daily bandage changes, frequent flushing of the wound bed and the application of honey to promote healing and reduce infection. Daisy greeted us daily with warm chatter and her trusting purrs. She was always gracious and well mannered through her treatments and made us all admire her toughness and her unlimited capacity for forgiveness. It must be mentioned that Daisy’s owners the Bisgaards did an amazing job caring for Daisy and were simply wonderful throughout Daisy’s ordeal.

Beneath the surface of her sweet nature there still remained Daisy’s determined independence. One evening she escaped with her very bulky bandage and managed to hide in a culvert. No amount of convincing could get her to leave her new hiding spot so a camp was made and Mr. Bisgaard slept out all night keeping watch over his ward. In the morning Daisy was finally convinced to come out from her hiding place and while she was none the worse for wear, her bandage was soaked through and Mr. Bisgaard was in need of a good rest.

Daisy had her kittens that very night. Five vibrant healthy sweethearts that we saw grow into dynamic kittens before our eyes. Daisy was an attentive and caring mother and before we knew it the kittens had been weaned and placed in great homes. Daisy is now on the home stretch of her recovery but still has one small but important procedure to be completed. She is due to be spayed very soon!

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