Nov 01 2011


Female Husky Mix

In June of this year a co-worker of Nukka’s owners found Nukka tied-up and starving while a few local kids threw rocks at her in Cape Dorset, Nunavut. Nukka is a female Husky mix sled dog; she was 12 weeks old when her rescue journey began.

As with many other northern communities of Nunavut, stray dogs are abundant, poverty is high and immunizations are rare in Cape Dorset. Most of these communities control their dog populations through dog culling days, on which unclaimed or unwanted dogs are shot. A loose network of Husky rescue volunteers attempts to relocate some of these dogs to southern homes.

Nukka’s journey to Kamloops was spent on 4 different planes. To the disappointment of her owner travelling with her, she was relegated to the cargo hold. She flew from Cape Dorset Iqaluit and then to Ottawa at which point the airline couldn’t find room for her to carry on west. After one phone call and without hesitation, a local Ottawa couple drove to the airport and picked Nukka up to look after her overnight. The next morning they took Nukka back to the airport and made sure she continued on her journey to Vancouver and then Kamloops. Finally, Nukka arrived in Kamloops bewildered and with evidence that air travel was not her bag. Almost immediately, Nukka began bonding with her new family. We first met Nukka when she came to see us for a health check and vaccinations.

Nukka’s quickly got into her new routine of regular hikes, mountain bike rides and runs with her owners… a far cry from her northern life. Unfortunately, while she was out for a run in September, a larger dog playfully pounced on her, resulting in a broken femur. Her owners brought her to Riverside and Dr Buist repaired the fracture with twin intra-medullary pins. After six weeks her fracture had completely healed and it was time to remove the pins. Since Nukka was also needing to spayed we were able to combine these two procedures in to a single anaesthetic.

Nukka’s owners elected for Nukka to have a Laparoscopic Spay. Laparoscope is a camera system which enables us to carry out complex abdominal procedures through a 10mm ‘keyhole incision’. This means reduced pain and discomfort post surgery when compared with traditional open abdominal surgery and a much quicker return to full activity post surgery. This was important for Nukka and her family after 6 weeks of convalescence after her accident. Just in time for winter, Nukka is getting back into shape in a more familiar snow covered environment, running behind skis.

Nukka is a great dog and was a perfect patient. We wish her good fortune in her new life.


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