Jul 15 2014


Saylor has been a patient of Riverside Small Animal Hospital since his puppy days and has always been a star role model at the clinic with doctors and staff alike. Recently his owners, brothers Don and Greg Garish, decided to share his talent for making friends through volunteer work in our community. Saylor is definitely deserving of his title of July Pet of the Month and his younger brother Tenor is soon to follow in his footsteps.


In his own words Greg tells us of Saylor’s journey into the life of a therapy dog!

Saylor is now actively doing dog therapy work in the community at both Ponderosa and Royal Inland Hospital a couple of days a week as part of the St John Dog Therapy Program.  He was certified with St. John Ambulance dog therapy program at the end of March 2014.  For being just 2.5 years old, and a Standard Poodle, he is pretty calm and relaxed going from room to room, meeting new people and making the day a bit brighter for both patients and staff.  At Ponderosa, he welcomes seniors coming for a day program at the facility as well as patients on the floors. At RIH he works on 1 South, 5 North, 6 North and 7 North as part of many dogs doing therapy work at RIH.

Saylor is always ready to head out to work.  As soon as the bandana is seen he waits at the door wagging his tail.  He can’t wait to get going.  He likes all the attention he gets while working and being able to put his head in peoples’ laps.   By the end of his shifts he is pretty tired and has a good rest before playing with his brother Tenor at home.



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