Oct 03 2014


Millie captured that hearts of the Riverside Team with her spunk and zest for life. Amazingly she takes full advantage of this from her canine cart. We are very excited to have Millie as the October Pet of the Month. Her family tells us her story:

Millie is a 12-year-old pug that was put up for adoption 5 years ago. Our family fell in love with Millie the day we met her and we have been blessed to have her in our family for the past five years. We don’t know all of her history, but we do know that she had some injuries when we adopted her. She has had some surgeries, and a spinal injury that made it challenging for her to walk long distance, and climb up and down stairs. Last year her mobility began to deteriorate to the point she was unable to walk but was able to stand for short periods. We brought her to Riverside Animal hospital hoping to find a solution for her. Unfortunately, we discovered that she does have a permanent disability.

Millie is a gentle, loving, affectionate pug. With the exception of her physical disability and chronic urinary tract infections, she is full of life and brings joy to our family and everyone she meets. Our vet recommended a K-9 cart for her to improve her mobility and quality of life. We are so grateful that Millie can be mobile again. She loves her cart and moves around with ease, as she is able to explore and play again.

Millie cruising around in her chair.

Millie cruising around in her chair.


Millie has a beautiful, loving spirit and our family looks forward to spending quality time with her as she ages gracefully.








All snuggled up!

All snuggled up!


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