Soft Tissue Surgery

We perform many types of soft tissue surgeries at our clinic. Soft tissue surgeries are those that are not associated with bone. These surgeries can provide many benefits to pets.

Abdominal surgery including spays, retained testicle removal, removal of bladder stones, gastropexy, and organ biopsies are usually carried out using minimally invasive (keyhole) techniques using our laparoscope, but sometimes we will need to do open abdomen surgeries. Other soft tissue surgeries include Perineal hernia repair, and ear surgeries including total ear canal ablation and vertical ear canal resections.

Surgery of the eye and lids is also considered soft tissue surgery. We have the experience and equipment to undertake a variety of surgeries of the globe and lids. Surgical support of corneal ulcers, suturing of corneal lacerations, reconstruction of eyelids after trauma and mass removal are just some of the things we do. We also perform surgery to correct entropion (in rolling of eyelids) and distichiae (eyelids growing in the wrong place).

Please contact us if you’d like to discuss how soft tissue surgery might be able to help your pet.